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Since 2011 the company Clavmed has been cooperating with the Laboratorium Plastyczności pod Wysokim Ciśnieniem "Hydroextrusion" Instytutu Wysokich Ciśnień PAN (Laboratory for plasticity under high pressure “Hydroextrusion”, Institute of High Pressure Physics of the Polish Academy of Sciences) in the area of working out material technologies applied for surgery instruments. Achievements, experience and technological possibilities of the Laboratory in the range of material qualities improvement, allow production of materials with better parameters in relation to the ones accessible in the trade offer. It gives hope for working out commercial methods of producing materials that could successfully find their appliance in our products. Within the cooperation, the Laboratory prepared sample batches of materials with improved qualities, out of which the company Clavmed produced a dozen of demonstrators and prototypes of surgical implants. Many comparisons of the qualities of materials accessible in the trade offer, and the ones modified by the Laboratory came into existence. Examination results are so promising that it was decided to conduct them further.

On 30th. July 2014 there was published a scientific article under the imprint of the publisher "Elsevier" in a specialist trade magazine Materials Science & Engineering A. The work subject is change of the qualities of austenitic stainless steel 316L after strong plastic deformations obtained as a result of hydrostatic “cold” extrusion and rotary forging (Original title: Nanostructurization of 316L type austenitic stainless steel by hydrostatic extrusion).

The cooperation between the company Clavmed and the Laboratorium Plastyczności pod Wysokim Ciśnieniem "Hydroextrusion" has still been lasting and its new, better quality can be assured by opening on 30th October 2015 an Innovation Park in Celestynów that significantly enlarges the technical possibilities of the Laboratory. It gives the base for further commercialization of examination results and in the future for application of processed materials with improved qualities in innovational surgery products.
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