K-wires, Steinmann Pins, Drill Bits
K-wires, Steinmann Pins, Drill Bits

We are a manufacturer of Kirschner Wires, Steinmann Pins and Drill Bits for surgical osteosynthesis fully dimensional.

We have many years of experience, and have been producing at surgery standard since 1995. Under the brand Clavmed, which has been operating from 1 April 2008 Our tools are manufactured from special surgical steel 316 LVM - perfect, the materials have been used and tested in surgical conditions.

We offer smooth pins, threaded with cutting-type TROCAR or DIAMOND on one or two ends, as well as surgical drills winding. All our products are subjected to electropolishing process.

Exact specification of the products can be found in the "PRODUCTS" section. You can also use the order form On-line available in the "ORDER" section. If the product you are looking for is not in the directory - it is possible to order the implementation of any size.

If you have any questions or concerns at, we are always happy to answer. We guarantee high quality, quick lead times at attractive prices.

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